Record numbers for one stop voting

DURHAM COUNTY So far one out of every six registered voters in Durham County has cast their ballot.

Nearly half of the registered voters in Durham are African American, so are rumors pushing African Americans to the polls early?

Linwood Webb is one of 29,000 registered voters in Durham County who have already hit the polls early.

Some voters admit they are voting early out of fear their vote may not count on Election Day.

"If you don't vote early it could mess up and systems could mess up and that sort of thing general rumors talk radio every station has a different rumor," Webb said.

But there are also rumors that if you do vote early, your vote could be tampered with before Election Day, so other African Americans say they will wait and vote with everyone else.

"I can say this every single ballot that comes into Durham, whether it's at a One-Stop location or the precinct or whether absentee or even provisional, it's going to go through the system." One-Stop Board of Elections Supervisor Robin Lockhart said.

Once voters mark their ballots they will then go into the voting machine election workers say every vote will be counted on November 4 and they want to dispel any rumors.

"It's a really tough misconception because people are really scared that their ballots are not going to count and these rumors keep going in going," Lockhart said.

"People love panic they love to put fear in people and people don't make good conditions when they are scared," Webb said.

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