Financial crisis causing more NC job cuts

Several companies across the Triangle are being forced to close their doors in these troubled times, taking hundreds of jobs with them.

Qimonda in Cary makes computer chips, but as of December nearly 200 workers will be out of a job.

A Qimonda employee, that wants to be referred to as "Dan", told Eyewitness News that the remaining workers at the company are on edge, worrying about when the other pink slips will drop.

"A year ago it was great, people were laughing; things were going good and then bam, it was in an instant," Dan said. "How can you do Christmas if you're going to get laid off? Nobody knows what's going to happen to their job, nobody."

It's a sign of the times in a rough economy that's proving challenging, even to the recession resilient Triangle.

The state spent hundreds of thousands to lure Silver Line Windows to RTP.

Due to a decline in the housing market, the window manufacturing plant will soon lose more than 400 workers.

They are part of nearly 1,000 workers from Wake to Durham County that will be laid off right before the holidays.

An estimated 415 jobs in Wake County, nearly 500 in Durham County and 29 in Cumberland County.

Still state officials say the region is doing better than some parts of the country.

But the news of massive layoffs is of little comfort to workers hanging on to the hope they won't be next.

"Don't take your job for granted … every day we either open up the paper, turn on the news or the internet and somebody's getting laid off somewhere if not getting shutdown completely, it's very bad," Dan said.

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