Discussion about racist graffiti continues

RALEIGH Students on NC State's campus said they didn't feel safe after graffiti making threats and using the N word in reference to President-elect Barack Obama was spray painted by four students on the Freedom Expression Tunnel.

NC State students and the NAACP agreed the students should be expelled, but university officials disagreed.

Tuesday, NAACP leaders met with the Wake County D.A. and Erskine Bowles to make the rules clear.

They said they wanted to determine what constitutes hate speech, the laws that regulate it and what will be policy on all North Carolina campuses in the UNC system. Specifically, they want the students involved expelled, and a UNC system-wide policy that this sort of hate speech would bring expulsion. They stopped short of calling for criminal charges.

Students on campus also want to send a strong message.

"We need to stand up and let whoever wrote that stuff on the free expression tunnel know that it's not gonna be tolerated," NC State student Jessica Lane.

Meanwhile, the ACLU is also weighing in on the incident. In a letter sent to President Bowles, the group said it has been contacted by students and the NAACP about implementing "speech codes" on campus. The ACLU say while it has concerns about race relations on campus, it doubts the constitutionality of any attempt to restrict the right to free speech.

Read the letter from the ACLU to President Bowles here

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