BBQ CEO must continue paying settlement


Chief Executive Officer Gregory Moore was ordered to pay $1.5 million to an employee following a two-week trial in October 2007. When the trial was handed over to the jury to determine damages, Moore and Hallaman agreed on a settlement.

The BBQ executive's personal assistant, Jason Hallaman, said his boss fired him in 2002 after he rejected sexual advances.

The settlement declared that Moore pay Hallaman $449,200 in three installments. Moore was also ordered to pay Hallaman's attorney's over $300,000.

Moore tried to have the settlement voided after making the first initial payments to Hallaman and his attorneys. He skipped the subsequesnt installments.

Last week, a judge dismissed the claim to void the settlement. Moore must pay $260,000 owed to Hallaman and $165,000 owed to his attorneys, in addition to interest accrued from the dates the payments were originally due.

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