No rulings at triple murder hearing

FORT BRAGG Hennis, 50, appeared in a Fort Bragg court more than 20 years after the crime he allegedly committed. He's charged with the 1985 murders of 31-year-old Kathryn Eastburn and her two daughters.

Among the issues considered was the possible release of sealed documents concerning Hennis' prior legal representation.

The sealed documents contain information used in a screenplay that was made into a movie about the case.

The judge also considered the use of testimony from deceased witnesses who testified at one of his prior trials.

The defense wants the prosecution to provide phone numbers and addresses of all witnesses who testified in prior trials. The prosecution argued it should only be required to provide contact info for witnesses the defense intends to call for the July court martial.

Finally, the defense wants to use letters exchanged between the victims' family. Those letters are sealed, but if the judge decides to unseal them, they probably won't be shared with anyone not directly involved with the defense or the prosecution.

Hennis was sentenced to death by a state court but appealed the conviction. A second jury aquitted him and he retired in 2004.

He was recalled to duty in 2006 and the Army charged him again after DNA allegedly linked him to the crime.

Hennis' next hearing is scheduled for March 31. The court martial is scheduled for July 7.

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