Leaders gather to discuss reassignment

WAKE COUNTY Wednesday night, leaders in the Town of Cary met with school board members behind closed doors --two Cary town council members and the mayor met with two school board members, including Ron Margiotta, at Cary's town hall around 5 p.m.

The meeting was the result of a tenuous public hearing between families and school leaders earlier this week.

The fallout is a result of dozens protesting the county's plan to remove students from Apex High School and reassign them to Athens Drive High School.

The school board's plan to move more than 25,000 students in the next three years to ease overcrowding is at odds with what parents want. The proposal aims to create socioeconomic diversity.

Parents say they want their kids to stay in schools closest to their homes and Cary leaders are trying to help make it happen.

"I have cautious optimism that we'll see some important changes made to this plan," Cary Town Councilmember Gale Adcock said.

'I believe that kids should go to the school that's closest to their house," Cary Town Councilmember Don Frantz said.

The board members didn't say what they discussed during the meeting, all they would say is that it was a positive meeting.

However, Cary town leaders say they hope there is room to adjust their plan without compromising convenience or an improvement in Wake County schools.

"I've seen other elected officials just complain at the school board and that really doesn't accomplish much," Cary Mayor Harold Weinbrecht said. "What you need is offer to help and sit down and work with them and understand each other."

The Wake County school board has four more public hearings. The next one will be held Monday at Millbrook High School.

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