Gusty winds down trees, power lines

RALEIGH Powerful gusts downed trees and power lines, leaving thousands of people without power.

One of the hardest hit areas in Raleigh is on Lewis Farm Road, near NC State University.

"It is just amazing what nature can do, it really is," Katie McKendry said. She lives on Lewis Farm Road and a tree fell onto her home Wednesday evening.

"It was like an explosion," she explained, "the window blew out and I knew we had been hit by a tree."

Thursday morning McKendry began cleaning up her property. In her kitchen, the ceiling fell and insulation from the attic could be seen on the floor.

McKendry and her husband made it out of the home unharmed.

The downed power lines also caused some traffic issues. Police had to direct traffic at intersections in Raleigh and Durham because of outages.

In Fayetteville, 1,900 homes were without power. City crews worked through the night to remove trees and restore power.

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