Crackers for soldiers recalled

RALEIGH Marge Goff filled the boxes with some of the crackers impacted by the peanut butter recall.

She spends her free time and money, along with donations, into putting together care packages for the 235 Battalion out of Scholfield Barracks in Hawaii, now serving overseas.

Goff wanted to send the boxes before Christmas, but the donations just weren't coming in. She says she then consulted her pastors.

"We just kept praying, we just kept praying and I told them one morning, I said, you know what? I don't know what's going on, I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I don't know what this is. I know God has a plan. He just hasn't clued me in on His plan yet," she said. "Well them, I found out about the peanut butter and so I was, ah."

Goff had two major setbacks, besides not enough donations, the hundreds of crackers she put in the packages were on the recall list for possible Salmonella poisoning.

"It really was disappointing, but the upside is if I'd gotten it all in on time, it'd been over there and I could have made a whole battalion of soldiers sick," Goff said.

Eyewitness News got in touch with Lance --a company that makes snack crackers not involved in the recall-- to tell them her story.

Lance said they are going to donate some crackers to Goff.

She says she hopes the company that made the recalled crackers will also offer her replacements for the care packages.

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