Registration starts for magnet program

WAKE COUNTY "Today is a big day for parents in Wake County," WCPSS Magnet Program Director Dr. David Ansbacher said.

It's their chance to score their kid a seat in one of the Wake County's 33 magnet schools.

"This morning the application which is online at Wake County's Web site went live which means parents throughout the county can go on and actually apply for the magnet schools that interest them," Ansbacher said.

They can also pick their preferred calendar option, year round or traditional. Schools have also been busy recruiting perspective students.

"Magnet schools have been doing a series of open houses and event over the last few months," Ansbacher said.

Getting in takes a little luck –some say it's a lottery process. Last year more than 9,000 applications were received, only 37 percent of those students landed a spot in a magnet program.

"We do have a plan that was formally approved last week by the school board so that compelled a lot of parents to look at options they might have," Ansbacher said.

This year the program may see even more applications, as parents try to find a way around the new reassignment plan.

"In doing tours, I've defiantly talked to some people who say they're trying to get out of their base school or trying to get out of what school they're being reassigned to," parent Michelle Weiland said.

School officials say the reason parents pick a magnet school isn't a concern.

"If there are parents choosing for this reason or that reason, that can't be a concern of magnet programs," Ansbacher said. "We're just looking at giving the options to families and helping them make good decisions."

The online application process runs through February 28.

To apply online, click here for a link to Wake County public school's Web site.

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