Teen death declared hit-and-run

GARNER Authorities have not made any arrests, but, they think the last people to see Mayela Orduna alive may have lied to avoid responsibility for her death.

Investigators want to know what really happened the night the 18-year-old reportedly jumped from her boyfriend's moving car.

In newly released warrants, police say that Orduna's friends made up a story to avoid getting in trouble.

Orduna was found unconscious early Tuesday morning on the side of Aversboro Road.

Officers say there was alcohol, drugs and according to court documents "a physical altercation" between Orduna and another girl during a party at her boyfriend, Spencer Bolick's, apartment.

Police and friends say Orduna and Bolick left the party together.

"They just got in the car and left so that nothing else would happened," friend Joe Rankine said. "She was having a dispute with another female there and he wanted her out of the situation so she wouldn't get hurt."

Records show it was that other female that Orduna's boyfriend was talking to on the phone when she reportedly jumped from the car.

"He said she jumped out of the vehicle, was pretty drunk and jumped out of the vehicle," Rankine said.

Police say Orduna's boyfriend didn't stop at the scene, but went back to his apartment.

He told friends what happened, they returned to the scene, and one of the party-goers called 911. She told dispatchers she didn't know the victim.

    Caller: There … there … I'm not really sure what just happened.
    911 Operator: What are they saying?
    Caller: They were just acting like they knew her or something, I'm not really sure.

Police say they have found and hope to find more answers from text messages.

They will sift through correspondence between Orduna, her boyfriend, and several other friends at the party.

Investigators plan to start looking through the phone exchanges this week and will later meet with the district attorney's office to see if they have enough evidence to file any charges.

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