Duke approves tuition increase

DURHAM On Saturday, the Duke University Board of Trustees approved a 3.9 percent tuition increase for undergraduate students.

Tuition for students enrolled in the Trinity College of Arts and Sciences and the Pratt School of Engineering will be $37,485 for 2009-10, up 3.9 percent from $36,065 for the current year. About 82 percent of Duke undergraduates are enrolled in Trinity College; 18 percent matriculate in the Pratt School.

The total cost to attend Duke this coming school year, including room, board and fees, will be $49,895, an increase of 3.9 percent from 2008-09.

Approximately 45 percent of Duke undergraduates receive some form of financial aid to help meet their college costs.

Duke says in recent years, they have taken additional steps to make education affordable to students across the economic spectrum.

The trustees also approved on Saturday, new tuition rates for Duke's graduate and professional schools.

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