Senator calls on Perdue to veto tax hikes

RALEIGH Senate Republican Leader Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) sent her a letter Thursday urging her to keep her commitment to hold the line on taxes.

“As Governor Perdue has pointed out, raising taxes on already struggling families and small businesses during a recession will slow our recovery. If the Legislature sends Governor Perdue a budget increasing taxes or fees on North Carolinians, I stand ready to support her veto of that budget,” said Senator Berger.

Perdue said Tuesday that she'll do all she can to avoid raising taxes. But, the governor said with the state running a huge deficit and the situation changing daily - it would be hasty to make any firm commitment now on future legislation.

"I believe it would be disservicing of me to make a commitment to do anything to anybody's legislation until I see it, until I understand the parameters of the legislation," she said. "My last resort has always been taxes. Everybody knows that and that's how I stand. I'm hopeful to still figure out a way to do a small business tax credit," she said.

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