Local movies theaters banning cell phones

FAYETTEVILLE Carmike Cinemas, which operates three movie theaters in Fayetteville, has implemented a zero-tolerance for cell phones in theaters.

It can be annoying, trying to enjoy a movie at a theater when someone whips out their cell phone and lights up the theater. Multiply that by 10 of 15 cell phones and you can see the problem.

"Kind of bright or the ringing, kind of gets annoying with people talking during the movie," movie patron Robert Parker said.

Tracy Curran takes her family to the movies every weekend. She is happy management is taking action to make her movie going experience more enjoyable.

"They're horrible," Curran said. "They go off, you hear them vibrating or people forget to turn their ringers off, they text message during the movies. It's just awful."

But not everyone is in favor of the ban, like Wesley Bostian who is a Fort Bragg soldier on the short list for deployment.

"If we get called in that's kind of important, you need to have your phone on," Bostian said. "I have two hours to get back on post and get ready to go somewhere. Movie's are two hours long, I'm in trouble."

Management says it understands the need for soldiers, doctors and others to be in contact with important calls.

The ban is designed to stop people who aren't courteous from abusing their phones while patrons are trying to watch a movie.

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