Wake school hours could start sooner

RALEIGH The changes would send students home one hour early once a week next school year. Plus more half days could be added to the school calendar.

The whole purpose is to give teachers more time to meet with one another to see what's working in their classrooms and what's not, in an effort to improve student achievement.

By adding 10 minutes to the school day, either starting early or releasing late, will create an extra 300 hours.

Those hours will mean students will get two more half days and will release an hour early one day a week while teachers stay on campus for meetings.

While some parents are fine with the plan, others are concerned about having to pay more for childcare.

"It's called early arrival and I would have to pay for it," parent Albert Beaman said. "As far as getting up in the morning, they don't want to get up now. So it's kind of hard for me."

"It would actually make me, force me to do after care which I wouldn't be too happy about," parent Rhonda Marcano said. "It would be an extra $100 per month."

"Being self-employed it doesn't really matter to me," parent Jason Speller said. "Whatever they have to do to do what's best for our children."

Over the course of the school year students would still be spending the same amount of time in the classroom.

The school board gave the preliminary okay today and will need to take a final vote before April 1.

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