Quets returns to court seeking visitation

RALEIGH Allison Quets refuses to give up her fight to see her biological children.

She did not speak before the three-judge panel Thursday, but she spoke to Eyewitness News.

Quets walked out of the Court of Appeals building late this morning after the hearing and promptly took reporters' questions. She said she's confidant she will see Holly and Tyler Needham again.

The twins are almost 4 years old.

"Children deserve to see their mother," Quets said. "Children deserve to be with their mother, and you just get down to basics. It's not very complicated."

Complicated or not, the case raises strong emotions on both sides. Quets was sentenced to five years probation for kidnapping the twins from Apex, and a judge ordered her not to have contact with them.

A Wake County judge denied her appeal for visitation rights last year, but Quests is appealing again.

She says she wants a hearing where a judge would determine what is best for the twins.

The children continue to live with their adoptive parents, Kevin and Denise Needham, who attended the hearing but didn't speak to reporters Thursday.

Quets is a computer consultant and lives in Orlando. She says she has a room ready for Holly and Tyler.

"This is not good for them," Quets said. "When they grow up and they learn about all the damage and all the heartache that's been done. It's gonna be a trauma for them, so we really have to do what's least traumatic, and what's gonna make this least traumatic is for them to be home with their mom. I really believe that."

Quets argues she and the Needhams agreed in 2005 to have an open adoption where Quets would get to see the twins. She believes for that reason, despite the past, she should get another hearing.

The Needham's attorney argues a judge has ruled against visitation and that the courts have sided with the Needhams to this point. There is no word on when the judges will make a decision.

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