Injured, abandoned puppy receives care

WAKE COUNTY The puppy has captured hearts after surviving an accident that crushed two of her legs.

A good samaritan found two puppy sisters along Highway 64 Friday. One puppy, Maggie, was badly injured --either hit by or thrown from a car.

She was brought to the Wake County Animal Shelter with a shattered front leg and a broken back one. But an outpouring of support is helping to give Maggie a second shot.

"When Maggie came in even with a very fractured leg, she still wagged her tail she still kissed us on the nose and I think she probably melted every single persons heart who met her," worker Gabi Bowser said.

And that's why so many people are touched by her story and want to help.

"The leg was so fractured there was no way to put it back together," Bowser said.

Doctors had to amputate her leg on Tuesday.

"She is going to be just fine; she is going to heal very well from that," Bowser said. "She is a young girl and they do amazingly well with three legs."

But her rehabilitation will take time and money.

"Right now we just need to keep that weight off her back leg, so we're going to have techs make sure she is walked with a sling, a towel around her belly for several weeks and then after that we're going to have to get her muscle strength back," Bowser said.

Donations have poured in, so have applications to adopt the puppy.

"If Maggie isn't available and Maggie touches your heart we have dogs in all shapes, sizes and colors," Bowser said.

NC State Veterinary School is helping with Maggie's rehab, but the shelter still needs more money to cover costs.

To donate and to adopt the hundreds of dogs that need a home you can call the Wake County Animal Shelter or visit them online at click the link to pets and animals.

To also learn more about Maggie and how her rehabilitation is going, visit

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