Meeker to seek another term

RALEIGH He made it official Monday during a news conference at his law offices.

This would be his fifth term in the job. He's been Mayor for eight years.

Despite signaling a desire to step down to spend more time with family, Meeker said in this economy that experience is needed at City Hall.

"This is the right decision at this time. Given all the economic uncertainty, both nationally as well as locally, a lot of people are concerned about a change of leadership at this time," he told reporters.

Meeker also outlined three main goals. He wants to make sure the city is doing everything needed to encourage economic recovery. He also told reporters he thinks Raleigh needs to lead the charge for regional mass transit which includes both Durham and Orange Counties, and not just Wake County.

His third goal is to make sure the state's Dorthea Dix hospital does in fact become a destination park when the hospital finally closes.

Meeker also said city water rates do need to continue to go up to pay for infrastructure improvements, but he said the proposed 17 percent hike will likely be scaled back some.

Meeker vowed to serve a full term and not seek another office if reelected. The election is October 6. So far, he has no challengers.

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