Police capture inmate escapee

EDGECOMBE COUNTY Farmville Police in Pitt County arrested escaped inmate Chamone Coy Diggins Sunday afternoon.

Deputies say the 17-year-old escaped around 9:30 p.m. on Saturday.

According to Sheriff's deputies, Diggins overpowered the guards.

Diggins is charged with breaking and entering, larceny, felony conspiracy, robbery, assault on a female and assault with a deadly weapon.

The internal investigation into the escape is continuing.

This is the second breakout in Edgecombe County in the last couple of days.

Authorities caught three federal inmates who escaped from the detention center Thursday night. According to authorities the men breeched an exterior door at the facility.

Police captured the men after allegedly robbing a bank in Marmet, which is located five miles southeast of Charleston, WV. Deputies say at least one of the suspects was wearing his prison issued orange jump suits and flip-flops.

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