Troubleshooter: Rebate Worries

CREEDMORE April Hargrove thought that would be her when she didn’t get her $100 rebate from Ashley Furniture HomeStore.

When she got her bedroom set from Ashley in February, she was very happy with the furniture. She says the $100 rebate offer was a nice incentive and was anxious to apply for it.

"I did the paperwork and made copies of everything. She told me once the furniture is delivered to send it off," Hargrove recalled.

Hargrove says she followed the instructions just like the rebate form stated and waited 4 to 6 weeks. After not getting the rebate, she says she got in touch with the store she bought it from: the Henderson Ashley Furniture HomeStore.

"I went in once but called them ten times and no response. I was actually being patient waiting for them to return my phone calls," she said.

There was no number to call on the rebate form, just a P.O. Box address. April says her calls to Ashley HomeStore didn't get her the rebate either.

"They had no problem taking my money and they made me feel like I was being a pest to them. I just wanted my money," she explained.

Troubleshooter Diane Wilson got in touch with the owner for the Henderson store. He was very quick to respond and April had her $100 rebate within hours.

"They responded very fast. Actually, the head owner of all the stores got in touch with me and apologized and said how sorry she was and asked if there was anything else she could do for me and I said 'No, not at this time,' and I just want to thank you for making this happen," said Hargrove.

A representative for the Henderson Ashley Furniture HomeStore said they typically don't handle rebates, but would take care of this customer immediately. He said this is the only complaint they've had with their rebate system, and it's important to them to make sure their customers are taken care of.

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