Humiliate your kid into good grades?

WAKE COUNTY "I had a teacher call and say she was being very disrespectful. So, I followed her around for three days and I told her if I had to come back, that I was going to come back in my pajamas," said Brooks.

When things didn't improve, Brooks made good on her promise. She showed up at school in her PJs and her hair up in curlers.

"Little pajama pants and I had these Curious George slippers on with some purple socks," Brooks recalled.

"I think my friends were more embarrassed than I was," said Shyan.

But, she says it was enough to set her straight.

"Because I don't want her sitting next to me saying 'Do your work, do this, do this, do that.' I mean, it's kind of annoying," she said.

"I'm trying to let her know that her education, right now, is the most important thing and that I'm willing to do whatever it takes to prove that to her," said Brooks.

Brooks said Shyan seems to have gotten the message. All her grades are up.

"And they even took my picture and put it in the yearbook, so it will be with her for a long time," said Brooks.

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