Workers unhappy with Fayetteville budget

FAYETTEVILLE Angry city workers called the council's decision Wednesday night a slap in the face.

"We have a very risky job people depend on us, we have a family to support it just seems it shows the value we are to the city council, it isn't very high," fire fighter Kevin Morgan said. "I think it is very shortsighted to cut to the bone and not capture any growth."

Wednesday night City Manager Dale Iman presented what he called a bare bones tax rate for next year.

It included a limited pay raise for city workers and capped a built in pay raise for police.

But city leaders said they wanted a lower tax rate budget. They said in these uncertain times, they need to be frugal with taxpayers' money.

"There are so many citizens out there that are losing their houses losing their jobs taking pay cuts living on a budget we need to tighten our budget also," Fayetteville City Council Member Keith Bates said.

The city manger said he wasn't sure how he would cut an extra $1.5 million from the budget.

"We can do it, but it's not going to be popular no salary raises, I don't see it," Iman said.

But some city council members said city workers deserve a pay raise.

The council will meet again on Monday night to conside another proposal.

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