No recycle bins for some

DURHAM The City of Durham began its new program in mid-July, offering curb recycling every other week. Initially, there were some issues as about 2,000 blue bins were not distributed on time.

When that happened, the solid waste director told residents to be patient because and that the kinks would be ironed out in a couple of weeks.

According to the City, all of the bins have been distributes and there are more on the streets than it first expected.

But there are still some pockets of confusion. Some residents who were expecting bins have not received them even thought their neighbors have them.

And residents are upset. On one Durham street, some people have the old, little, blue, bins and across the street neighbors has the new, bigger version.

"We don't know what zone we're in," Durham County resident Delmar Smith told Eyewitness News.

Smith doesn't know what to think. He and others on his street in east Durham got notices from the City to expect the bins, but they never arrived.

"I don't know if we're included with the new bins," Smith said. "We don't know."

As it turns out, the City said Smith is not included in the new, big, blue bin distribution. The City also said it distributed information fliers to some Durham County residents.

In Smith's case, his street is unique in that residents one block over from him are in the city limits, while he is not.

"I would like the large one," Smith told Eyewitness news.

But it won't be coming.

The City said nearly 100 percent of the residents who are supposed to get the big, blue bins already have them.

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