Barracks life improving at Bragg

FORT BRAGG His new home - part of a multi-million dollar barracks replacement project - features rooms better than most college dorms.

"This is really a big step up from what we were living in," he said.

The rooms have all the amenities of a small apartment like a microwave, refrigerator and a stove.

"I mean this is great having a stove. You can actually cook something. You don't have to run down to the chow hall every meal if you want," said Otto.

Two soldiers live together but have their own rooms. They share the kitchen and bathroom.

"This is my space and I get to have my have my time here. And then I also have somebody I can share time out when I see her," Private First Class Loni Martinez explained.

Demolition on the old barracks started earlier this year, and we're told that in two years no soldiers at Fort Bragg will be will be living in barracks like the ones that got so much unwanted publicity.

"What we have instead is 80 percent almost brand new facilities or recently refurbished facilities. And an additional 10-15 percent that we're in the process of refurbishing," said Garrison Commander Col. Stephen Sicinski.

Military leaders say the new barracks are completely funded and they're being built as fast as they can tear down the old ones.

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