Source: Missing man possibly buried in refrigerator


Dr. Billy Oliver, forensic geologist from NC State, is leading a team with computer and three pieces of high tech equipment. It is the kind of equipment used by the military to locate bodies.

The device roams above the ground and finds things buried deep within the Earth.

"Thirty-five feet is about as far as we've gone," Dr. Oliver told ABC11.

Scientists say the amount of time a person has been missing does not matter.

"If we're looking for larger objects, for example a 55 gallon drum or something like that or large bodies that are buried in recognizable material and so forth, then we can use this unit here," said Ron Crownson, geologist, in reference to the equipment they are using.

Sources close to the investigation tell ABC11 Jacobs' body may have been placed in a refrigerator and buried in the area near Brooklyn Circle.

Sergeant Nan Trogdon of the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office says they received a good lead that led them to the search area.

"The lead was good enough that we felt that this was something that we had to follow up on," she said. "That way we could make sure that we closed every door and searched every avenue from those leads."

Authorities plan to be in the search area at least for the rest of the day.

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