Wake school board debates cutting liaison position


"Are we using taxpayer dollars to pay someone to sit through legislative meetings and report back to us what's happening even though they have no input on policy?" she asked.

While board member Chris Malone says he feels it should be a part-time position, Keith Sutton defended the importance of the position.

He previously held a similar position with the Department of Juvenile Justice.

"They are able to watch policy as it's being made and share what the school board's stance is on any given issue," Sutton said.

Still, Goldman questions how much the position pays. "Is this a $25,000 a year job or a $100,000 a year job?" she said.

The job pays between $75,000-$100,000 annually including benefits.

Goldman says the money could be spent funding a few teachers, re-instating a few teachers at Project Enlightenment or even or buying science kits.

While the board has not yet made a decision, WCPSS Chief Communications Officer Michael Evans defended the job, which falls under his department, Tuesday.

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