Key figure in Edwards case disappointed


"It was upsetting that I introduced a very, very fine woman into a tabloid trash kind of situation," said Huffman.

Huffman is referring to his biggest regret. The interior designer helped Edwards meet heiress Bunny Mellon. He was also the person who helped funnel hundreds of thousands of dollars from Mellon to Andrew and Cheri Young. It was money he and Mellon thought was going to help Edwards reach higher office.

"She was helping him to help America, pure and simple," said Huffman.

It was money that Huffman said they later found out was used to hide the Edwards-Hunter affair. Huffman said it was a surprise to Mellon.

"She was giving money in a very noble, noble way to help this country and then to have her gifts basically just tossed down a drain for an affair that should never have happened," said Huffman.

Huffman sat down with ABC11 at his home in western North Carolina for a candid interview about everything from the trial outcome: "I felt the jurors botched it.  Yes, they got it wrong! "

He also weighed in on the comments Edwards made about his youngest child, Quinn, just moments after a mistrial was declared as Edwards stood with his oldest daughter, Cate, by his side.

"I felt for her, standing on the steps of that courthouse when he chokes up over this one child," said Huffman. "She's been the one that's been there supporting him day in and day out."

Huffman also shared his thoughts on Rielle Hunter's tell-all book that's set to hit stores later this month. Huffman said he's heard about some of the excerpts and was surprised by how Hunter seems to attack the late Elizabeth Edwards, calling her a witch on wheels and venomous.

"I did not know Ms. Edwards. I met her a time or two," said Huffman. "I had no loyalty to her per se but it would seem very ungracious to talk about a woman who is dead and who has living children that you would hope to have your child meld with."

Huffman said if he could, he would ask Edwards a simple question.

"I think I would ask why.  Just why did you throw it all away in such a spectacular fashion," asked Huffman.

He doesn't think Edwards will have a future in politics.

"I don't think that even a delusional narcissist could think that he could run for something again," said Huffman.

However, Huffman does hope the man he once thought had so much to offer will do some good.

"Hopefully he can do what he's talking about, do some kind of good works, outside of the cameras and outside of any sort of political realm," added Huffman.

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