Woman needs help with damaged ring dispute


A Raleigh woman was repairing her deck and had just picked up a truckload of wood from a local home improvement store.

Shortly after leaving the store with the wood, Melanie Wilson says she had a problem.

"Not even a mile from after they packed it up, from the intersection, the whole load came off of the truck at the first stop," Melanie said.

Panic set in for Melanie, as she says the entire load of wood she just picked up from Lowe's Home Improvement came off in the middle of the intersection of Millbrook Road and Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh.

"I pulled the tuck over to the side and went and called Lowe's and asked them if they could come have someone reload it or send another truck to move the product," Melanie said.

She said while waiting for a crew from Lowe's to come out, she tried to get the wood out of the way of on-coming traffic.

"In the process of trying to put the wood back in the truck to get it out of the intersection, a huge piece fell on my hand and it literally dented a gold ring and chipped all the diamonds in it," Melanie said.

Melanie said the dented ring was cutting off circulation and had to be cut off her finger.

After getting the wood picked up and delivered to her home, Melanie went back to Lowe's.

"I did feel that they needed to fix my ring because they loaded the truck and I think that people have the right to assume that as professionals, they would load the truck properly," Melanie said.

Melanie gave Lowe's an estimate for the repair.

"I contacted him and he said 'Well, I'm in the process of doing the paperwork.' So, I gave him some time, like three or four weeks, and then I called and talked to him again.   And he said well, they've changed the process, so I have to go through this avenue," Melanie said.

Melanie waited and said she was eventually told to call the claims department.

"I left two messages and did not hear anything from them. By this time, like four and a half months have passed with no word or anything with regards to what they're going to do with regards to the repair for my ring," Melanie said.

After another month and still nothing, Melanie reached out to me because she said she felt Lowe's was responsible for fixing her ring.

"They're the ones that loaded it. I mean if had loaded it, or if someone else had done the load, then I would expect that they say, it's your fault, because you didn't load it properly. But I didn't load it, they loaded the truck," Melanie said.

I reached out to Lowe's Home Improvement and Melanie got the good news she has been waiting for.

"They indicated that they would take care of fixing the ring, so I want to thank you for calling them," Melanie said.

A rep with Lowe's did not add any comment.

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