Are mobile banking apps secure?


You can access these mobile banking apps on your smart phone and tablet. Justin Frechette wanted to check his Capital One credit card account, but instead he was able to see someone else's activity.

"Logged in made sure the payment I recently made posted to the account and that the account balance was zero," Justin said.

But he didn't see a zero balance. Instead, lots of charges that didn't belong to him.

"At first I thought they were transactions on my card that somebody had used my credit card number.  As I scrolled down and didn't see any of my transactions, had the idea that I was actually looking at someone else's' account," he said.

Justin called Capital One.

"She confirmed she had seen other transactions in her account when she logged into her account that day and assured me no one could do anything with the information but it was okay, no need to worry," Frechette said.

But he said he was worried, as he wanted to know who could see his account.

"In my opinion, that is personal identifiable information that I should only see not anyone else," Justin said.

I reached out to Capital One and a rep said this was a brief, one-time event and at no time was any customer or account information exposed. She added the information that was displayed was limited transaction info, date, time, and merchant. No name or account numbers were displayed. This was reassuring news to Justin, but he was still on guard.

"Be careful make sure you're checking your statements, you're checking your online app that the transactions are yours," Justin said.

And it's always important to check your statements. If you ever notice a problem like Justin did, call right away to alert the company.

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