Suspicious man sought in possible luring case in Fayetteville


Detectives are looking into reports of a stranger approaching children along Sand Hill Road and Ferrand Drive in Fayetteville.

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The incident happened Monday afternoon when two children walking home from a school bus stop were frightened by a stranger following them.

A resident who lives in the area said she said actually called the sheriff's department after the children came to her house. She says the two children told her that the man yelled at them as they started to run away.

The children were not hurt. Deputies are asking residents in the area, to report and strangers seen cruising the area.

In March, there were two reported similar incidents. One involved a Gray's Creek High school student who said a stranger offered her a ride home. A day later, a 13-year-old girl said a man in a car stopped her saying he was her friend.

In both incidents, the victims were not hurt, and the suspect fled.

Sheriff's detectives say it's too early to tell if Monday's incident on Sand Hill Road is connected in any way to the other incidents. They are working to get an accurate description of the latest suspect.

They are also warning residents to be on the alert for anything suspicious.

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