Cracked dashboard causes frustrations for Lexus owner

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Jenny Pollock was frustrated with her cracked dashboard.

Having a Lexus with a cracking dashboard was frustrating enough for Jenny Pollock, but waiting over a year and a half for repairs was becoming unbearable.

Jenny loved her Lexus, but two and a half years ago, she noticed that the cracks in her dashboard were growing bigger and bigger. Finally, in January of 2016, Jenny reached out to Lexus to see what could be done. It was only when she began to research the problem that she learned that Lexus would replace the cracked dashboards, even for owners like her whose vehicles were out of warranty.

Jenny shows the damage to the dash.

When Jenny learned about the program, she called Lexus and was placed on a waiting list and says she was told she was #230 in line for repairs. After months and months of waiting to hear back from Lexus, she says she never did. In June of 2016, Jenny called Lexus again, only to find out that she had not moved at all on the list.

Fast-forward to June of 2017, Jenny still had a cracked dashboard and says she only moved up a few spots on the repair list. Fed up, Jenny got in touch with me and I reached out to Lexus. A rep looked right into the issue, and Jenny got the call she had been waiting for.

Jenny added, "Miraculously there were no dashes, but now there is one. I'm sure it's thanks to your work."

The repaired dash.

Jenny's Lexus now has a brand new dash. Jenny said, "I appreciate you guys getting involved for us."

A representative with Lexus said, "Toyota, Lexus and its independent dealers are committed to customer satisfaction and to helping ensure that repairs taking place through our voluntary dashboard customer service program occur in as timely and efficient a manner as possible. As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, this program provides free replacement dashboards for certain Toyota and Lexus models, including many for which the original warranty expired long ago, like Mr. and Mrs. Pollock's vehicle. As we have explained to customers, while we have been diligently preparing replacement parts since before the announcement of the program, given the number of vehicles and the range of ages, colors, and sizes of the parts covered under program, the supply for certain design configurations varies by model. Parts replacement has proceeded in several phases, based on model, and we have increased production levels to provide dealers with replacement parts based upon supply and actual customer demand. We have reached out to Mrs. Pollock and will continue to work directly with her to address her concerns."
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