Woman finds $1,000 worth of incorrect charges on her bank account dating to 2019

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Friday, July 23, 2021
Not checking the balance of your accounts can lead to extra charges
How often do you check your monthly bank and credit card statements?

How often do you check your bank and credit card statements? Weekly? Monthly? Never?

Doretha Yancey found out the hard way she needs to check it more often. When she did check, she discovered more than $1,000 worth of charges that had nothing to do with her.

The issue started in October of 2019 after Yancey helped a friend by making a one-time payment on a bill.

"They told me it was a one-time payment and they weren't storing my information," Yancey recalled.

She took the company's word for it and never checked her credit card statement until more than a year later.

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"I saw all of these charges and that's when I found out they had been doing it since 2019," Yancey said.

Since October of 2019, an $88 charge was made on her account each month -- adding up to $1,336 when she finally caught it.

She got in touch with the company responsible for the charges as she wanted a refund. She said they promised to give her back the money, but it never happened.

"I told them I was going to contact you (Troubleshooter Diane Wilson), and you got me what I needed and I really appreciate it," Yancey said.

After Wilson contacted the company, Yancey, quickly got a refund check for the full amount of charges and she is happy.

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This is a good reminder of why it's so important to check your statements monthly, if not weekly.

The minute you see a charge you didn't make or shouldn't be responsible for, contact the company. It is your responsibility to report these charges, typically companies only refund a month or two. In this case, they did refund Yancey the entire amount.