Apex homeowner says contractor flubbed $9,500 remodel, then ghosted her

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Friday, July 9, 2021
Apex homeowner says contractor flubbed remodel, then ghosted her
Troubleshooter Diane Wilson helped an Apex homeowner get her money back after a bad build.

APEX, N.C. (WTVD) -- The COVID-19 pandemic is keeping contractors busy as many homeowners are investing in their homes and remodeling.

However, an Apex woman learned not all projects go smoothly.

"Eight months waiting for this little project to be done," Pam Craig said.

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Last summer, the project started when Craig wanted a fresh look for her bathroom and hired Jim Jones of Vase for the remodel.

"The tear-out started mid-August and that's when he said he was having labor problems."

Eventually, the bathroom remodel got done, but when Craig took a look at it she says there were problems.

"All three walls, one tile would be in, another would tile would up, and it would carry through to all three walls. I couldn't understand how someone could walk away from that and would continue to do all the walls and look like that," Craig said.

Since she paid $9,500 for the job, Craig was not happy and brought her concerns to Jones.

"He took responsibility, and said it's too bad he didn't have insurance for stupid," Craig said.

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The contractor agreed to tear out the tile and re-do it, but after a few months, there was no action. Fed up, Craig hired another company to do the job and sent Jones an invoice to cover the cost of what he was supposed to do.

When he didn't respond, Craig reached out to Troubleshooter Diane Wilson and she got in touch with Jones who worked with Craig on a settlement.

Within weeks there was a resolution and Craig got a check from Jones to cover the cost of re-doing the tile job.

"Thank you very much, Diane, honestly I don't think I would have heard back from him."

The best advice if you're taking on a remodel project right now is to do your research. Make sure you get everything in writing, including when the job is expected to start and finish. Also, see if the job comes with a warranty or guarantee.