Chatham County neighborhood aims to keep out another concrete company, protect property values

PITTSBORO, N.C. (WTVD) -- When Jim Roberts moved to Pittsboro, NC from Pennsylvania more than a decade ago, he found his retirement home in Potterstone Village, a little oasis Roberts said his realtor claimed would draw in more families.

"We were led to believe that it would possibly be other homes, subdivisions, greenway," Roberts said. "Six months ago we found out that it's heavy industrial," says Roberts.

The area around Roberts' community has been zoned for industrial manufacturing since the 1980s.

The subdivision sits adjacent to an existing ready-mix concrete company, and now a new company wants to move in.

In January, Chatham Concrete filed a request with Pittsboro town leaders to build a 4.5 acre facility just yards from Roberts' neighborhood.

"When I heard that, it just took the wind out of my sails," Roberts said.

Roberts and his neighbors said they fear a second concrete company would add more noise.

They also said they're worried the air and nearby creeks could become contaminated, and their property values hurt.

But town planners say Chatham Concrete will meet all the requirements of its environmental and noise ordinances if approved.

Across town, Chatham Concrete is supplying materials for the massive 7,000 acre mixed-use live, work, and play development called Chatham Park. This park is currently under construction.

Chatham Concrete's owner Frank Stankunas said he has hired staff who will ensure that the proposed site is eco-friendly. However, Roberts said he doesn't buy it.

His neighbors are petitioning town leaders to reject the proposal.

"I just want them to be cognizant. I want them to be mindful and sympathetic to the lives of the people that live in this subdivision," said Roberts.

Town planner Jeff Jones said that the plans are being reviewed against town ordinances and the town will hold this development to all relevant town standards.

The proposed site could be rezoned, but in order for that process to be considered, the requester would have to pay $450 dollars, and it could take up to 45 days for the town board to make a decision.

The town council is expected to review Chatham Concrete's site proposal in June.
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