Woman quit job to search for her beloved missing dog

Carole and Verne King pulled out all the stops to find their beloved collie, Katie.

For 57 days, they were distraught about losing Katie, not knowing if they would ever see her again.

The couple lives near Spokane, Washington, and routinely visits Montana with Katie, who is virtually a family member. In July, when they were vacationing in Montana, Katie got spooked during a storm and escaped through an unlatched door.

"I raced downstairs and talked with the hotel clerk, in hopes that they had my dog," Carole said. "They didn't."

They weren't merely passing out flyers. They looked throughout the wilderness near Glacier National Park and went to great lengths to find her. Carole quit her job to focus on the search.

She and her husband even bought night-vision goggles. They would search through abandoned buildings and canvassed fields. No stone was left unturned.

When the search looked hopeless, Verne wrote a note for Katie, ending it with "Instead of saying goodbye, I would rather say, 'see you soon.'"

More than 4 weeks later, a tip came in that a dog similar to Katie had been found.

Finally, the persistence of the Kings paid off, and they were reunited with Katie.
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