Chatham County Schools taking actions after mock 'slave auction' at middle school

PITTSBORO, N.C. (WTVD) -- Chatham County Schools said Monday that it has completed its investigation into a mock "slave auction" that took place at a middle school in Goldston recently.

The district said that after looking through all the evidence carefully, it found that no adults were involved or witnessed the incident.

The incident that happened after school on a baseball field at J.S. Waters School late last month continues to raise concerns, however.

In a statement Monday afternoon, the district said it is working hard to get rid once and for all of this type of behavior, something parents lobbied for a week ago at a school board meeting.

"We reiterate that our goal is for all students to feel safe and welcome in their school. Chatham County Schools expects our students and staff to be respectful, mindful of others and engage in appropriate behavior," the district said.

The district highlighted some of the steps it is taking. They include revising its code of conduct to reflect how incidents like this will be handled swiftly and with severe consequences from now on.

The district is also putting in more training for administrators, staff and teachers. It will also have focus groups and what it is calling "restorative circles" within schools to provide opportunities for students, staff and families to engage in meaningful dialogue.

The district also stated that "racist, homophobic and xenophobic behaviors, comments and acts are unacceptable and will not be tolerated."
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