Poll finds Clinton, Trump still leading in NC ahead of primary

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Monday, March 14, 2016
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Ahead of Tuesday's primary in North Carolina, a new poll by Public Policy Polling finds Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are still leading in the Tar Heel state.

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According to the liberal-leaning polling agency, Trump is polling at 44 percent to 33 percent for Ted Cruz, 11 percent for John Kasich, and 7 percent for Marco Rubio.

According to PPP, compared to a month ago Trump's support is up 15 points and Cruz's is up 14 points. Kasich remained in place, and Rubio has seen his support collapse 9 points.

The businessman appears to already be building up a lead among early voters - he's at 46 percent to 38 percent for Cruz, 11 percent for Kasich, and 4 percent for Rubio, PPP reports.

Among those planning to vote on Election Day, Trump gets 43 percent to 32 percent for Cruz, 11 percent for Kasich, and 8 percent for Rubio.

Trump's lead over Cruz declines to 49/43 when the two are matched head to head because Rubio voters overwhelmingly move to Cruz in that scenario (70/20) and Kasich voters move to Cruz as well, although by a pretty narrow 39/34 margin, according to PPP's poll.

Meanwhile in the Democratic race, Clinton maintains a noteworthy advantage in our state.

Surveys conducted on behalf of the VoteVets Action Fund revealed that Clinton leads Bernie Sanders 56/37 in North Carolina.

PPP reports Clinton has already accrued a vast lead during early voting. Among those who have already cast their ballots she leads 68/29, and the race only gets closer overall because her advantage is a tighter 50/40 spread among those planning to vote on Election Day.

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The polling agency also found Trump has the most committed supporters, with 89 percent of them saying they'll definitely cast their ballots for Trump, compared to 84 percent of Cruz, 68 percent of Rubio, and 65 percent of Kasich supporters who say the same for their candidate.

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