How to maximize your child's learning potential at home during COVID-19

COVID-19 continues to have an impact on education. Nearly 91 percent of the world's population is not attending class.

In North Carolina, schools are closed until at least May 15.

With these unprecedented circumstances, teachers are transforming their classes into digital learning environments.

Online courses, lessons, games, reading options for kids while they're out of school due to COVID-19

Here are some tips on how children can maximize their learning potential from home from Dr. Mehul Mankad, Chief Medical Officer of Alliance Health.

When children think of computers, they think of video games. In this new world of distance learning, parents must remind their kids when they're on their computer for school, it's for school.

How to keep your kids mentally healthy during COVID-19 pandemic

Creating the optimal environment for the child is so important. If working from the bedroom, you may need to clear out toys, phones or games so they don't get distracted.

Children rely on instantaneous interaction with their teachers as to what's going on, so it's important to look at the format of distance learning and help maximize the interaction with audio, video or email.

It's important to understand life doesn't stop but there may be twists and turns in the road and you have to keep going.

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