Suspect killed in Raleigh officer-involved shooting identified; injured officer released from hospital

Thursday, May 14, 2020
Suspect killed in Raleigh officer-involved shooting
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Suspect killed in Raleigh officer-involved shooting

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- The Raleigh Police Department has identified the suspect who was shot and killed when he exchanged gunfire with an officer Wednesday night on New Bern Avenue.

David Tylek Atkinson, 24, jumped over the counter at a BP gas station around 7:18 p.m. and took money from the store clerk while stealing tobacco products, according to police.

"I immediately looked toward the counter and that's when I saw a man pointing a gun at the clerk's head and so I sat the beer I had in my hand down and I made a beeline to my car, got into it, drove out onto New Bern and immediately called the cops," witness Riley McConnell told ABC11.

Security footage appears to show Atkinson pointing a gun at the store employee during an armed robbery.

"I opened the cash register. I give money. He said give me Newport short only. I gave Newport short. He say bag is full," gas station clerk Aktarul Khan told ABC11 on Thursday.

Atkinson left the gas station with the cash and merchandise in a plastic bag. He ran away, heading for nearby Clarendon Oaks Apartments. Police arrived at the apartment complex as witnesses described to them where Atkinson ran. Shots were exchanged and both the officer and Atkinson were hit.

Atkinson was taken into custody before being taken to the hospital. The stolen cash, tobacco and handgun used in the robbery were found on the ground next to him, police said.

Hours after the shooting, Raleigh police released two 911 calls and radio traffic surrounding the incident.

In the call, an officer can be heard yelling, "Shots fired, Raleigh. Shots fired. Shots fired!"

Atkinson died from his injuries at WakeMed hospital. Police say officers involved were wearing body cameras. The City plans to file a petition to release this video in accordance with State law.

The officer involved was treated at WakeMed and released.

Below is an edited version of the radio traffic released by Raleigh police on May 13. Listen to the calls in their entirety here.

The Raleigh Police Department officers involved had body and dash cameras that captured the shooting. ABC11 is working to get that footage.

The State Bureau of Investigation is conducting an investigation into the actions of the involved officers, which will be presented to the District Attorney for review when it is complete.