Copy cat DMV websites make millions scamming customers: FTC

Diane Wilson Image
Friday, February 14, 2020
Copy cat DMV websites make millions scamming customers
Many ABC11 viewers have lost money to these websites.

Don't be fooled by these look-alike Government websites that the Federal Trade Commission claims tricks customers out of their money.

We've warned you about these privately owned websites that appear to offer DMV services for years. Many viewers paid money to these websites thinking they were on the official state DMV website. Instead, they paid for services that they could have gotten for free.

Now the FTC is taking action and the courts granted the FTC's request to preliminarily halt what the FTC is calling a scheme in which the defendants operated hundreds of websites that promised a quick and easy government service, but didn't deliver and instead were deceived, consumers.

The FTC alleges the defendants used search-engine advertising and optimization to target consumers who search for state motor-vehicle or licensing services online. The agency says these online companies made millions by misleading customers. Right now the FTC's complaint to stop these websites is making its way through the courts.

If you're trying to do DMV services online, the key is to make sure you're on the official state DMV website. You need to make sure the website ends in .gov.