Fayetteville Girl Scout troop gives back with Easter celebration for kids in foster care

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Saturday, April 16, 2022
Fayetteville Girl Scouts give back with Easter party for foster kids
After beating their goal by raising $7,000, Fayetteville's Girl Scout Troop 1588 celebrates with an Easter bash for children in foster care

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- For Girl Scout Troop 1588, this is not just any egg hunt but a celebration.

Despite cookie prices rising because of supply and record inflation, the girls stepped up to the challenge, exceeding their goals for the year by raising $7,000.

"I think what it taught the girls was to give back and not just use the money on themselves but to give back to the community," said Troop leader Lisa Courter.

So now, they are doing just that by throwing an Easter celebration for the children at Unity Home Care at Haymount United Methodist Church.

"Because we are the troop of this community, and the Girl Scouts are helpful and caring and it's helping other kids," said Sophia Vernon of Troop 1588.

With egg hunts, games, goodies, and Easter baskets, the girls understand just how much this gesture means to the kids who otherwise might go without this Easter.

"Since so many gave back to us, you want to give back even more to them, because you know you would love it and it's a fun activity for a bunch of kids to do and I love seeing the smiles on their faces," said Troop 1588 member Jordan Courter.

It's all about letting the foster kids know that they aren't alone, and they do have a family that cares about them in the Girl Scouts of Troop 1588.

"We're getting to be in a world where it's just all about me and to teach these girls, you know, to be a part of teaching them that they should look out for other people as well, that makes me proud," Lisa Courter said.