'Such a blessing:' ABC11 viewers donate money to help two women facing eviction stay in their homes this holiday

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Monday, December 21, 2020
'A blessing:' ABC11 viewers donate money to help 2 women keep their homes
The Cary couple, who wished to remain anonymous, wanted to make sure they could give hope to those struggling this holiday.

While Troubleshooter Diane Wilson typically hears from viewers who need help solving their problems, she recently got a unique email request from a viewer that caught her off guard.

"We feel we have been so fortunate not to have suffered any financial problems during this pandemic. Therefore, we would like to help someone who needs help. Perhaps someone in danger of losing their home," it said.

The email came from a Cary couple who wished to remain anonymous but wanted to make sure they could give hope to those struggling this holiday.

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And there are many viewers who need help.

Like Rocky Mount resident Natasha Terry.

"This month I haven't been able to pay the rent. I can't put anything on the light bill. I did put food in the house because the freezer was empty, the refrigerator was empty. It comes down to do you want to be out in the cold now that is cold, or do you want to just be in a house with no lights," Terry said.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been impacting Terry for months. She was supposed to start a new job in March, but it didn't happen due to the shutdown.

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"From March, April, May, June, I couldn't find any work. My bill's got behind, car got repossessed," she said.

Terry was able to find a job but it's only part-time.

"The problem is the money factor. I'm making just enough to either pay the rent or put something on the light bill or put food in the house," Terry said.

She says her landlord has tried to work with her.

"My landlord is a good landlord, but he's also got bills so he wants his money. So it's just, well he put a note on the door. When the city come, turn the lights off, or we'll go again with no food," Terry said.

For December rent she owed $625 plus a late fee. Terry said she had no idea how she would pay it.

Fayetteville mom of two little ones, Brianna, is also facing eviction.

Her rent for December nearly $800 owed by Dec. 11 or her landlord would also start the eviction process.

Brianna lost her job when the COVID-19 pandemic started.

"When I lost that job, I applied for like 100 jobs," she said. She finally found a part-time job, but it not enough to pay all of these bills, including her $800 per month rent. Which means the eviction process starts.

"Who's going to really want to take me in with two kids?" Brianna asked.

The Cary couple wanted to help both of them.

Troubleshooter Diane Wilson picked up the checks from the couple and surprised both women.

"We have a viewer who heard about the need for help for you, and they wanted you to have something for the holiday." the Troubleshooter told Terry.

Terry opened the envelope and inside was a $3,000 check.

"Oh wow. Tell them, Thank you very much. It's just amazing. It really is that people that people still help people, because you don't hear about it a lot, especially around here so I'm glad I reached out to you. I was like, 'she'll never listen to me because I don't have any kids' so I wasn't sure but I'm glad you did."

Terry is now able to avoid eviction and stay in her home.

"I can pay the rental this month and next month, and also pay some on my utility bill and good food," she said.

The couple the money donated is typically the money they use to buy gifts for their kids and grandkids, but instead, this year wanted to help someone in need. They said their kids and grandkids were all supportive of not getting gifts.

Terry couldn't hold back tears realizing how much the money would help her.

"They are happy tears, thank you to whoever donated, I appreciate them," she said.

The Troubleshooter also surprised Brianna with the $3,000 check outside her apartment in Fayetteville.

Her rent was owed that day or the eviction process would start.

When Brianna got the check she said: "Oh my gosh, this is so amazing oh my God, I might cry."

Brianna did cry and, through her tears, said: "This is such a blessing. Oh my god, I'm so happy my kids will have Christmas and my bills will get paid."

She thanked the couple for their generosity.

"I appreciate it in my kids will have somewhere to stay," she said.