Sampson County deputies, Clinton police surprise 12-year-old superfan on birthday

SAMPSON COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- Sampson County preteen Jaden Ashe just turned 12 and has always dreamed of becoming a member of law enforcement.

Jaden is well known to local authorities. His mom Tonya said he takes cupcake and drinks to the local police department every year to celebrate his birthday, so last year when he was attacked by the neighbor's dog, they were the first to show up.

"They heard his name over the scanner, so many police showed up in our yard, but we were at the hospital." Tonya Ashe said. "So they came to the hospital to check on him, so they are always great guys."

For Jaden's birthday this year, he had planned on lunch with a member of the Highway Patrol, but schedules didn't sync.

A co-worker of Tonya's overheard and knew the perfect person to call. She called her nephew Deputy Tyler Spell with the Sampson County Sheriff's Department.

With lights and sirens roaring, Deputy Spell had gathered not only members of law enforcement from the county and the Clinton Police Department for a birthday celebration surprise.

"I thought they were pulling over somebody," Jaden said.

"It was amazing to me," Tonya said. "I think I was more excited than him!"

"He loves the police department." Tonya said. "He sleeps them, he breathes them, he studies everything about them."
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