Here are the virtual, drive-up and in-person July 4 fireworks displays happening in our area

July 4 will look different this year due to COVID-19 but some towns are offering virtual, drive-up and socially distant fireworks displays this weekend.

Virtual Displays

Holly Springs

Wake Forest

Wake Forest Spokesman Bill Crabtree said they thought it was important to offer something for their citizens to look forward to, experience, and enjoy in a safe way.

"This year, we're going to be using larger shells so the fireworks will actually go higher than they have in years past and so we hope that'll be a way for more people throughout the community to be able to see and enjoy the fireworks without having to be right there on the Heritage High School campus."

That means you may be able to watch the fireworks from your home. You won't be able to watch the fireworks at Heritage High School or park nearby.

"There are businesses in the vicinity of Heritage High School that are actually hiring off-duty police officers to keep an eye on their parking lots and make sure that only patrons are parking there," Crabtree said.

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Drive-Up Displays



In-Person Show (Encouraging social distancing)




Benson officials said they usually have bands and an all-day celebration but this year it will just be the fireworks.

"The kids had to leave school in the middle of March. They were not able to play sports. Parents have been working from home and teaching their children. We just felt like this would be a sense of normalcy around this celebration," said assistant town manager Kimberly Pickett.

Matt Smith, Benson Parks and Recreation Department Director, said many people line up at US Highway 301 to watch the fireworks.

"People normally park and watch the fireworks but I think if people can maintain the social distancing and hopefully stay close to their cars. You can see the fireworks from just about anywhere in town. Our parks will be open. If they want to go and stand on one of the ball fields and watch them, as long as they're trying to practice social distancing, we're fine with it."
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