Some children getting spam texts, letters asking them to register to vote

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Thursday, October 22, 2020
Triangle 12-year-olds the target of fake voting requests
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Several Triangle-area kids received a request to register to vote and absentee ballot request forms in the mail. However, these forms aren't coming from the state.

CARY, N.C. (WTVD) -- Efforts to get your vote is in full force right now and even some kids who aren't even eligible to vote are being targeted.

ABC11 viewers reached out after their kids received a request to register to vote and absentee ballot request forms in the mail.

A 12-year-old boy in Cary got a text message on his phone which states in part..."America needs your voice to be heard but NC records show that your voter registration may not be up to date...register now." The text message provides a link that directs him to the voter registration on the North Carolina DMV website.

Besides text messages, a Chapel Hill 12-year-old got a letter in the mail and inside a North Carolina absentee ballot request form, already filled out with his name and address on it. He just needs to fill out the rest, sign it and send it in, which the mailing including an envelope to the state Board of Elections.

None of these texts or mailings came from the state, in fact they were all sent by third parties not affiliated with the DMV or the NC BOE. It's not known how they are getting minors' contact information. The NC BOE said if the child or someone else would have filled out the form, the absentee ballot request would not be processed since they're not registered to vote.

If your child is getting any communication about registering to vote, it is a good idea to check your child's credit and make sure their identity has not been stolen and being used as that is one way they could be getting these voting inquiries. You can also, put a security freeze on their credit report.