Hot tubs delivered weeks after Troubleshooter investigation uncovered major delivery delays

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Monday, April 15, 2024
Hot tubs delivered weeks after Troubleshooter investigation
Hot tubs are now arriving at customers' homes days after an ABC11 Troubleshooter investigation detailed problems for customers around the Triangle.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Hot tubs are now arriving at customers' homes weeks after an ABC11 Troubleshooter investigation detailed problems for customers around the Triangle.

Several customers said they were worried they would never see their hot tubs, but the company has now come through.

Cary homeowner, Sharon Sheppard just got her hot tub.

"I'm enjoying it! With all my plants, I can just go and soak. Look how pretty things are," she said. Sheppard finally got her hot tub after ordering it in July from Backyard Leisure.

Catherine Hennessy is also relieved she has her hot tub.

"It's already started making a difference with our muscle soreness from being hunched over all day."

Troubleshooter Diane Wilson first told you about complaints from Backyard Leisure's customers in March. Wilson heard from several customers who paid in full for their hot tubs months ago but still had not received them.

Sheppard said she was told countless times her hot tub was about to be delivered, "Every email I have (I'm told) it's on the next truck."

Hennessy said she was also told several times her hot tub would be delivered.

"Their promise was that they would deliver the hot tub within eight to 12 weeks of ordering. We're at 18 weeks I believe," Hennessy said to Wilson.

Another customer of Backyard Leisure, Rachel Lewis Marlow said, "I've been very patient, but when someone is not honest with me, that's really frustrating."

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Wilson got in touch with Backyard Leisure, and a representative admitted the customers were told the wrong delivery dates, but assured Wilson the spas would be delivered soon and sent confirmation orders to customers.

It took some time, but eventually, Sheppard, Hennessy and Marlow all heard from Backyard Leisure that their hot tubs would be delivered.

"They emailed me on Friday, and said we'd like to bring you up on Monday. Will that work? And I'm like, 'Yes,'" Sheppard said to Wilson.

All three women had their hot tubs delivered the same day.

"I do want to thank you, Diane. I think you had a big, big influence and the reason we all got our hot tubs," Sheppard said.

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Hennessy said she has for sure enjoyed it.

"Oh it's wonderful, we've been in it twice now, every 12 hours; it has made a real-life difference with our sleep and relaxation."

The NC Attorney General's Office started reviewing cases after ABC11 reported the hot tub delays. Through an attorney for Backyard Leisure, the company responded to the AG's office saying it experienced significant delays due to a variety of reasons -- including supply chain and employee issues -- but are working diligently to deliver products to its customers.