Horror stories multiply as customers come forward with hot tub complaints about NC company

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Friday, March 22, 2024
Customers left without hot tub despite paying company thousands
Backyard Leisure is under investigation as dozens of customers report paying thousands of dollars for hot tubs but never receiving them.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WTVD) -- New details in a Troubleshooter investigation into a Raleigh company where customers say they aren't getting what they paid for.

Now more customers say they also paid thousands and have nothing to show for it.

Customers of Backyard Leisure tell me they're starting to wonder if they will ever get what they paid for, especially now with hearing that more customers are in the same situation.

"I've been very patient, but when someone is not honest with me, that's really frustrating," Rachel Lewis Marlow said.

She is beyond frustrated after paying $12,500 in August for a spa from Backyard Leisure. She said she was told it would be delivered to her Chapel Hill home in October. Then, time after time, she was told a different delivery date -- even hearing that the spa was on the truck and in transit -- but to this day, she still doesn't have it.

Triangle homeowners are upset after paying thousands for a spa, only to be left months later wondering where's the hot tub.

She thought she had a unique case until she saw the story on ABC11 last week. She tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "I was like, 'OK, I'm not alone. This is bigger than just me.'"

Wilson first heard from Cary homeowner Sharon Shepard about her problems with her spa order from Backyard Leisure.

Apex homeowner Catharine Hennessy said it's the same issue for her when it comes to the spa she ordered from Backyard Leisure.

"I just want my money back. Deal with somebody that can deliver me a hot tub in two to four weeks," she said.

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The person who wants to remain anonymous reached out to Troubleshooter Diane Wilson after her story on how a mom lost hundreds of dollars in a rental scam.

Besides hearing from Marlow, Wilson heard from other Raleigh Backyard Leisure customers from other stores of Backyard Leisure in North Carolina. One customer said she ordered and paid in full last May, and said she was still being told it would be on the next truck.

Another customer emailed, that they paid $7,000 in August, and starting in December they were told it would be on the next truck. Another viewer, reached out, saying they paid $20,000 in August, and also don't have their spa.

Since our first story on Backyard Leisure, the North Carolina Attorney General's Office said it was reviewing the case because that office has received 18 complaints. Also since our story, Backyard Leisure told Wilson it was sending confirmation orders to many of the customers who contacted us.

Shepard just got her order confirmation. Hennessy shared with Wilson an email from Backyard Leisure apologizing saying they've been short-staffed and are working to obtain the receipts to show her spa is ordered.

As for Marlow's spa, a representative with Backyard Leisure told Wilson he didn't think her spa was included in the most recent order, but they're working on it.

Some customers have paid with credit cards and said they are disputing the charges.

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