Meredith College credits app with helping COVID-19 cases stay low amid in-person learning

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Meredith College has reported a few COVID-19 cases on campus and administrators are crediting the Campus Clear app as one of the school's greatest tools in combatting the virus.

"It is relatively low and we want to keep it that way," said Meredith College Programs Vice President Dr. Jean Jackson.

Students, staff and faculty have to fill out the health survey before stepping foot on campus.


They will get a "good to go" notification and are essentially required to show that to officers at the gate for access to campus.

We're being told some people have been turned away.

Seven employees and 21 students have tested positive since the liberal arts college began tracking in the summer.

The situation is very different just down the road at NC State.

Cluster cases soared at such speed, the university was forced to halt in-person learning and students were told to leave dorms.

The same happened at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Jackson said the Campus Clear app is also very helpful when it comes to contact tracing.

"We can know immediately who's been on campus, who's being exposed that they know about and gives us a place to start -- which is great," Jackson said.

Meredith plans to continue using the tool for the foreseeable future and hopes it offers students a college experience as close to normal as possible during a pandemic.

"We are good at challenges. We love our students and we will do what it takes to make Meredith the great experience for students now, just as it was for students 4 years ago and 40 years ago when I was here," said Jackson.
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