Study find girls with nagging moms grow up to be more successful

Did your mom constantly nag you about homework, cleaning your room, or doing your chores when you were a kid?

Well, all her fussing may actually be the cause of your success!

According to researchers from the University of Essex, teenage girls are more likely to succeed if they have a pushy mom.

Experts conducted an experiment to determine how a girl's upbringing can affect her adult life.

Over a six-year period, they examined the lives of about 15,000 girls between the ages of 13 and 14.

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After analyzing the results, they found that daughters with stricter parents were more likely to attend college and get higher-paying jobs, adding that they were also less likely to become teen moms.

Scientists also correlated less pushy moms and dads with poorer grades among kids as well as low-earning wages and unemployment.

WSOC contributed to this post.