Raleigh woman contacts ABC11 Troubleshooter after package pick-up problem

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- When you leave a package to be picked up, you trust it will get to the right place. But one shipping mishap caused a Raleigh woman to be without the product and out of money.

Awilda Morales wanted to return a coffee table after she says it had arrived broken.

The manufacture agreed to take it back and refund the money, but Morales first had to ship it back.

She arranged for pick up and left the package outside her door for FedEx. At the same time, she was also returning bar stools, and they were supposed to be picked up by UPS.

However, before she even got the UPS package outside, she noticed a problem.

"Low and behold, when I got home and realized that the paper that had been left on my door was from UPS I said, 'Oh no,' so I contacted UPS as soon as possible and let them know that they picked up the wrong package," Morales said. "But by the time the people in the Raleigh hub were able to locate it, it had already been sent out."

Morales said a UPS rep told her the coffee table was already in Texas.

"It made it to the place where the barstools were supposed to go but after that they lost the rest of my package," she said.

UPS told Morales they tried to locate her package, but with no luck. She was out of $320 from the lost coffee table.

"I couldn't get my money back for the coffee table and I couldn't receive a replacement unless I located the package," Morales said.

Frustrated, Morales contacted ABC 11 and we got in touch with UPS.

"Once you found the right person, the next day I had a check," she said.

A $320 refund was mailed to Morales.

"I'm ecstatic," she said.

A rep with UPS said in a statement: "This is a case of human error where our driver accidentally accepted another carrier's package from the customer. This is an extremely unusual situation. UPS has been in contact with the customer. We take responsibility for this very unusual mistake and are reimbursing the customer for the full documented value of the item."

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