Must-See Videos: Nanny-cam catches home explosion


Investigators in Bellingham, Washington say a boiler in a family's home heating system over-pressurized and blew up.

The explosion was caught on a nanny-cam that just happened to be recording. An entire wall was blown out by the force of the blast.

The family's baby was asleep in her bed and was not hurt.


A wild police chase in Los Angeles ended with one man on the run.

Police followed a stolen car driven by a woman for an hour and a half. At one point, the driver suddenly came to a stop and a male passenger jumped out and ran off. He ran through neighborhood backyards and alleys, and jumped over a fence. He was eventually captured and taken into custody.

The female driver stayed in the car and surrendered.


A Slovakian company has designed a flying car that can land anywhere. It's gas powered and has wings that fold - which allows it to be parked like a car.

It can reach top air speeds of 124 miles per hour and in two years it may be ready to land in your garage.

The company plans to start selling its creation in 2017.

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